About the Walk

In North America we are blessed to have access to excellent health care. So when women face complications in labour and delivery, for the most part, she can be helped. This is sadly not the case across many parts of the world, especially where women are poor and vulnerable. In a high income country, fewer than 1 in 3,300 women will die during childbirth. In a low income country, 1 in 41 will die. These deaths are preventable. This is why every year we walk. The Walk to Save a Mother invites you to be an advocate for change by raising your voice to take a stand – and some steps– to change this brutal reality for women in East Africa.

Save the Mothers, a registered Canadian charity, is hosting volunteer-led 5 km Walk to Save Mothers in communities across North America to raise awareness and funds to improve maternal and child health in the developing world. It is open to participants of all ages (those under 16 must have a parent authorize their participation). We are looking for people to both lead and participate in these walks happening through the month of May.

Why we’re walking

Nearly every two minutes a mother dies from preventable pregnancy and childbirth complications! Those deaths result in a growing number of orphans, whose lives are also at risk. We believe that by saving a mother from preventable death, we are saving the person most likely to ensure the care, education and health of the next generation. Women are also major contributors to their local economies. The high number of maternal deaths in some areas of the world reflects inequities in access to health services, and highlights the gap between rich and poor. Almost all maternal deaths (99%) occur in developing countries. More than half of these deaths occur in sub-Saharan Africa and one third occur in South Asia.

Save the Mothers offers two initiatives that help to prevent maternal deaths. First, the Master in Public Health Leadership Program educates local leaders on ways to bring about change to maternal mortality within their diverse spheres of influence. Over 400 students have graduated and gone on to bring about change in their communities. Second, the Mother Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative aims to better equip health facilities in East Africa to provide care to mothers. It also aims to bring about social transformation in hospitals so that mothers are treated with respect and dignity.

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Where do the donations go?

STM’s Student Scholarships

Most of our students cannot afford the cost of travel, accommodation and tuition. Your investment equips them to learn and spread life-saving information in their communities across East Africa.

COVID-19 Relief

During the COVID-19 lockdown, Uganda is reporting worsening maternal and newborn morbidity and mortality. Your donations help provide needed emergency surgeries, life-saving care and PPE for local health care workers.

Community Outreach

STM students and volunteers make trips throughout the semester, to reach out to rural communities, schools and medical clinics.

Providing quality training

Our East African academic faculty make sacrifices to give their time and expertise to our program. Their wages are below industry standards in Uganda.

For more information, or to obtain our “How to Host a Walk” manual, please contact walk@savethemothers.org